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STEM learning experiences integrate all STEM disciplines with an emphasis on processes and practices associated with STEM. 

Winter Art Showcase

During the COVID-19 pandemic, all students at COHEA created homemade masks using materials found in their homes.

Students from the Mass Communications Academy shared their experience with Remote Live Instruction. 

IMG_0577 (1).jpg

The STEM Team educated parents via zoom about STEM in May 2020.

Geometry in Art

As part of Hispanic Heritage Month,  students proposed to create an original artwork from a Hispanic artist using their art style. The students researched and created works of arts that depict color, emotion, and raw talent from such great Hispanic artists.

Social Studies Website.PNG

AP World History: Modern students studied the indigenous civilizations that existed prior to Columbus’ arrival in the Americas. Using a combination of primary and secondary sources, they traced the national origins of countries in Latin America, such as Mexico and Peru, to their ancient roots. The students in the classroom and at home worked together to create a website which is a living “study guide” for what they need to know and apply for the AP World History Exam in May.

Using Jamboard, middle school ELA students partnered up with a peer virtually and brainstormed new technology ideas.

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