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Students develop STEM skills and cross-cutting competencies that support workforce readiness. 


Students using technology to research and present the different theories on how Edgar Allan Poe perished for their English/Language Arts class


Middle school students using the Mac Lab to research rare animals for a video editing project for the Mass Communications Academy's Exploring Technology course. 

Middle School engineers in Mrs. Yunes class apply the principles of potential and kinetic energy as they design a roller coaster.


Chemistry Honor's students work in a lab determining mass, volume and density of different solutions with different amounts of sugar and salt. Students learned how to differentiate substances according to their densities and how to use properly determine the analytical balance of high precision. 

DNA Models


The Mass Communication Students work on the STEM website.

To better understand the effects of the Industrial Revolution, 9th grade World History students worked as city planners. They started with a traditional 17th century village in England with 15 homes, two roads, a river, and a handful of social services. By the end of the activity, their villages had become overcrowded and polluted. Aden Sabalsa said "Child labor, a high crime rate, overcrowded tenements, and only 6 nice houses? I don't want to live there."

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